• Gareth has cerebral palsy. He has a tracheostomy.
  • He uses a computer with speech output to communicate (specifically a Mercury with Speaking Dynamically Pro software). He also uses a communication book with Mayer Johnson Picture Communication Symbols (PCS).
  • Gareth is a big fan of Star Wars.
  • He has an awesome semi-recumbent tandem bike that he loves to ride with his dad
  • We started to work with Gareth and his parents to teach him literacy skills when he turned 3 years old.
  • In this video, Gareth is 5 years old. He is reading a book about Clifford independently and is answering questions about the story.
  • Gareth is ready to enter Kindergarten as a reader. His literacy skills exceed those of many of his typically developing peers.
  • Visit the rest of the website to learn more about how Gareth learned to read. 

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Last Updated: August 31, 2012